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Philip Raymond at University of Montreal


Cryptocurrency / Blockchain Qualifications
              #bitcoin, #blockchain, #crypsa, #fiatcurrency, #cryptocurrency



1. Organized, produced and hosted “The Bitcoin Event” in New York.


2. CEO and Co-Chair of CRYPSA (Cryptocurrency Standards Association)


3. Keynote Speaker: Cryptocurrency Expo, Dubai UAE [2017]
                                    Digital Currency Summit, Johannesburg
                                    Cryptocurrency Expo, Gujarat India [2018]



4. Admin/Moderator: Bitcoin, Largest LinkedIN community — 30,000 members


5. Bitcoin Columnist & Editor…


                • LinkedIn

• Lifeboat
• WildDuck    
• Quora
• Sophos
 Blockchain columnist: Dozens of published articles. Additionally,
Admin/Moderator of Largest Bitcoin group; 55,000+ members
Board member, Columnist [View articles]
I ghost write all Bitcoin articles [View articles]
Most active author Bitcoin & blockchain [1000 articles
Bitcoin wallet security [View article]








Philip Raymond at University of Tampa   6. Consultant to 3 of top 10 banks: Bitcoin integration, documentaiton, training, certification


    7. Formed Underwriter’s Digital Currency Committee for standards organization
        Policy, risk assessment and specification of actuarial standards for insurance industry


    8. Active member of New Money Systems Board at Lifeboat Foundation.


    9. Headline speaker: University of Montreal privacy workshop  [video]  [announcement]

        Headline speaker: University of Tampa—Bitcoin Event:  [video]
       Keynote speaker: International Blockchain & Cryptocurrency conferences


10. Organized/taught business encryption seminar (Used for Verizon privacy management)


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